Watch: Lipa Schmeltzer’s Brother Confronts Man With Swastika On His Back

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Earlier today Jewish star singer Lipa Shmeltzer’s brother was driving in Montreal when he noticed a Hispanic fellow wearing a leather jacket with a large swastika taped onto the back — After he confronted him, the Spanish man complied allowing the Jew to remove the hate symbol.



  1. A most interesting reaction from that man. “Take it off me if it bothers you” was not the reaction I was expecting. (Also, that symbol has a different meaning in India. But still, it shouldn’t be worn because of it’s larger connotation.)

  2. We are in golus, we need to exercise caution.

    Not every case is the same as this one. He was fortunate that the guy was cooperative. Not every such person is necessarily like that.

  3. Way to go Aaron! It’s unbelievable that there are still people out there today who don’t know what the swastika represents!

  4. Ok this is a set up. This immigrant barely speak English and he will understand the word ‘animosity ‘ give me a break. Fake news and this smells like jjossie smoellet.

  5. He should of sung,הייב אויפ דיינע הענטאלעך. דוס איז פייק נייעס

  6. I like the costume the Hispanic guy was wearing. Funny hat.
    Anyway, total fake news. The tape came off way to quick and easy. A total set up. The driver shouldn’t be taking videos as he’s driving. Very reckless and dangerous.


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