Watch Live 9 PM ET: Amy Coney Barrett Gets Sworn-In After Senate Confirms Her To Supreme Court

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  1. This final discussion & confirmation vote of the Senate occurred soon after the end of Monday, 8 Cheshvan. (In Washington, DC, Sh’kiah was at 6:14 and the later Z’man of Tzeis HaKochavim of 72 minutes was at 7:26.) This was in Washington, DC, which is in the Eastern Time Zone, but for all of the times zones that are WEST of the Eastern Time Zone, which cover the vast bulk of the geographic area of the United States, especially the very far west reaching states of Alaska and Hawaii, the time was still in the afternoon of Monday, 8 Cheshvan.

    It is noteworthy that 8 Cheshvan is the Yortzheit of one of the biggest of the Rishonim, Rabeinu Yonah of Gerona, who was a cousin of the Ramban and a Rebbe of the Rashba.

    He authored Peirushim on Sefer Mishlei – the Biblical Book of Proverbs, on Pirkei Avos – the Sayings of the Fathers, and on the Rif’s Peirush on the Talmud. (Unfortunately, the only part of this monumental work that we have today is the part on Mesecta Berachos.) He further authored three Sefarim on Mussar – ethical conduct: Sefer HaYirah – The Book of Reverence, Igerres HaT’shuvah – The Letter of Repentance, and Sha’arei T’shuvah – The Gates of Repentance. These Sefarim on Mussar and T’shuvah are what we most know Rabeinu Yonah for and study of his monumental literary works. [See the Chabad (dot org) website; on the home page in the box “Today in Judaism,” follow that link to get to the entry for 8 Cheshvan, and follow the link there to the entry on Rabeinu Yonah.]

  2. (Continuation of the Above Remarks)

    In recent decades, very tragically, the court has issued many decisions, which are sharply against religious & moral values. Probably the worst ones were: The two which forbid all prayer and all Bible readings in the public schools, the one which forbids all government assistance to private religious schools, the one — which is commonly known by its famous title “Roe vs Wade” — which gives full permission for all abortion, and the one — which was issued during the reign of wicked King Obama — which gives full recognition to Toeiva (so-called) “marriage,” and thus knocked down all the numerous state laws and amendments to state constitutions which had invalidated such sick perverted unions.

    It is well known that the new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Mrs. Barrett, is an archconservative with strong religious & moral values. Her placement now gives the court a strong 6 to 3 majority of judges who are (supposed to be) on the conservative side of the political arena.

    Let us hope that, Im Yirtza Hashem – Lord Willing, this occurrence of the Supreme Court now having a much stronger conservative bend will be a big turning point for the court, and it will thus go on the route of “T’shuva” – to repent and completely reverse these wicked decisions.


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