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  1. Rebbi was larger than life. Both literally and figuratively.

    In a world of black and white, Rebbi only saw roses. Rich, beautiful, vibrant colored roses.

    To Rebbi, it didn’t matter what color shirt you wore, how big your yarmulke was or how long your hair grew. To Rebbi, every single Yid was a child of HKBH and was treated as such.

    When Rebbi looked at you, his beautiful glowing, crystal-like eyes would pierce your very soul. You could hear them say to you in the softess of tones, yet fulll of conviction – “believe, respect and love yourself. Because I believe in you, I respect you and I love you.”

    In a generation where it has become popular and cliche to use terms like unconditional love, acceptance, warmth, and the like, Rebbi was living, practicing and imparting these authentic principles his entire life.

    To Rebbi, there was no such thing as a boy being off the derech. There were only children of Hashem – those who outwardly showed their struggles and those who carried them on the inside. To Rebbi, those struggles were seen as a piece of a much larger masterpiece – one’s beautiful, pristine glowing Neshama full of love, goodness and potential.

    My peers and I used to say amongst ourselves – if Rebbi one day would inform any one of his many thousands of talmidim that he was Mashiach and Hashem had finally commanded him to reveal himself, not one of us would blink an eye.

    Rebbi, please continue to watch over us. Continue to love us. Respect us. Believe in us.

    Yehi Zichro Baruch.


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