WATCH LIVE ON MATZAV, 9 AM IDT: Levayah of Shimon Peres in Yerushalayim

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The levayah of the former Israeli President Shimon Peres is being held this morning, Erev Shabbos, at Har Herzl national cemetery in Yerushalayim. World leaders including US President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande, Prince Charles, and former President Bill Clinton are at the ceremony.


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  1. Why are all these world leaders who seek to destroy israel coming there now. They want to continue to endanger Jews. They love Peres who was involved in Oslo accords and a thousand Jews were murdered. How you ask. You give 50 thousand guns to the PLO Arafat murderers and as they blow up busses in israel you yell Sacraficed for peace. Then you give the Arabs control of areas and Jews fear driving into the wrong section. You make a wrong turn and you can be stoned to death. This was Peres Rabin and clintons work. All these Jew hating leaders would love to revive those days. As Jews were blown to bits. They all scream two state solution. That means all around kosel and chevron and near mesh shearim and my scopus will be a Palestinian state shooting rockets into jewish residence like they do from gaza. Idiots idiots idiots. And Hillary if elected as most secular Jews support her will put her foot down and force israel to stop all construction until they give up power to these murderering terrorists. This macshefa says Iran deal is good. It’s great. Iran will be able to nuke and send missles to israel like Iraq scuds. When Jews decide to be like goyim and have chillul shabbos,pork stores,tattoo shops and toeiva parades there will be serious repercussions.


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