Watch: Local News Reports On Murder Of Shmuli Silverberg Z”L

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A TV crew reports on the murder of Shmuli Silverberg z”l, who was shot outside Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Denver late Tuesday night.

Shmuli z”l was buried in Lakewood on Wednesday.


  1. Why do they keep giving a description of the cars they stole but give NOTHING about the actual murderers??? No race, no hight, no weight, glasses/no glasses, what they were wearing, which direction they were last seen heading, etc etc? Is the police department in Denver that incompetent???! We have a murder seen and the FBI is NOT called in??? Something about this whole story stinks to high heaven!!! Is there ANY elected official who can get involved and help us get to the bottom of what happened and why they are covering this all up??? If this was one of their own, DPD, that was murdered, they would of caught every single one of the perpetrators by now!


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