Watch: Lunatic Vandalizes Apta Shul in Williamsburg

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  1. Sure he was “egged on” . How can it be other wise? Have you Ever heard of a non jew getting mad without being :egged on”?????
    He got mad when the ruv of this shul sold the chametz to someone other than him.

    Very justified his behavior, No?

  2. Six fully grown men in their prime running away from one middle aged nebach, letting him trash the shul?! If the Jewish guys only picked up a long bench or two, the crazed Jew hater would have been hospitalized, the beis medrash wouldn’t have been trashed, most importantly the disrespect to H would have been avoided. Just wondering, if these same guys would have ran away if their money was at stake? Would they fight like lions if this same cuckoo head tried to steal a million dollars from them? Our priorities have to be adjusted.

  3. i like how anonymous #3 decided that the situation would be different if it came to money, then called them out on it. I dunno dude, but that looked like genuine fear going on there…

  4. Yes, it reminds me of Country Yossi’s song “Nebach of the Shteeble”. Unless there was more to the story, those “men” should of tackled the lunatic.

  5. ChelmiTe is right they should learn to defend themselves, but he they are not policemen of guards, they are just plain as good as possible living Jidden and now some one is rampaging their shul, they are just affraid of the man and than the idea that they would defend if some one would steal a million dollars of them. Wow that’s an antisemitic remark as if all Jews are wealthy, possible these guys have less than the well known church rat.
    Have a great Pesach and especially a helthy and peaceful one without lashon hara.

  6. All those saying we should learn self defense or fight or restrain the guy.
    Let me ask you this. Do you see any gadol jumping on the guy? Or would they stand on the side and watch?
    Middos means not getting involved in a fight unless absolutely necessary

    • You apparently don’t hail from lita. A real litvak would have knocked a attackers block off! Hielaga menthen years ago had no problem running out years ago to fight any people attacking jews in the comminity.


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