Watch: Making Matzah According to the Shitah of the Rambam

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    • No it doesn’t. Ashkenazi people ate this type of matzah not that long ago. 300 years ago maybe? Ashkanazi people at thinner matzah out of comfort not out of restriction like kitnios.thin matzos last longer and taste better longer it was a simple equation. “Thick” matzos taste bad if not eaten right away. (As far as i read.)

  1. Matza is supposed to be soft and slightly thick. Korech translates as a wrap, not a brittle sandwich. Lechem Haponim and Chalos Todah were not chametzdik; yet they were on the soft side. How do you define Ashkenazi mesorah? Is it what we have been doing in Eastern Europe in the last couple hundred years, or is it the actual piskei halacha of the Ashkenazi poskim?


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