Watch: Man Gets Emotional Over Returned Wallet



  1. I like his emunah in Hashem and put Him right in the first sentence and thanked Him again at the end.

  2. Sometimes its so easy to make a kiddish hashem. The problem is too often we let these simple opportunities slip by.
    I personally had a similar story. My children found a pocket book near a city bus stop. Like in this story the pocket book had the woman’s life in there. It clearly belonged to a cleaning lady or a home aide. The problem was all I had was a name and address which was on the outskirts of Boro Park.. I decided I was going to make a kiddish hashem and track down this woman. I found an appointment card. I called the contact #. That person couldn’t give me a phone # (because of privacy issues) but told me she passes that house on the way to the train. It took a day and a mexican woman called me. It was a very good feeling when she came with her daughter to claim her pocket book. I also told my children not to accept a reward I correctly assumed she may give to them.

  3. I’m not surprised that the yid returned the wallet: that’s what we jews do! I am surprised at Rogers’s reaction! That’s atypical.

  4. I found a wallet recently with some credit cards etc and a social security card in it!
    Any ideas on how to make a Kidush Hashem while protecting myself from any possible claims in the future that I revealed the SSN? You see I may return the wallet only if I identify myself as a Yid but how can I do this safely??

  5. Great story….no social distancing though . Both should get tested asap unless the WHO says it’s not necessary. Then wait until tomorrow when the WHO says it is necessary or Fauci says there is/isn’t going to be a 2nd wave.


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