Watch: Man Makes Off with Wallet at Shloime’s Bakery

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On Friday, a man at Shloime’s Bakery in Boro Park, Brooklyn, stole a wallet from the store counter, making off with a large amount of money.

The thievery was caught on surveillance video.

Efforts are underway to identify and track down the thief.


{ Newscenter}


  1. It almost looks like he knew someone would leave something as he is standing and waiting….cant tell from the video…is this an “unzerer”?

  2. Very strange!
    Why was a wallet with “a large amount of money” lwft as הפקר on the counter like that? Was it the perp’s, by any chance?

  3. Perhaps this guy is eilu metsios lamdan: he figured that there is an immediate iyush since 1)a person assumed to constantly feel whether he has his momon, 2)store is open to all kinds of people who wouldn’t return lost objects. The question is did the store automatically acquire the wallet for the store owner, in which case the geneiva would have been from the store owner. At any rate, even if permitted by halacha, the guy is a sheigets and has no rachmonus.


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