Watch: Man Protests at Yerushalayim Store and Yells About Jewish Women Being “Shiksas” and Lacking Tznius

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  1. We need someone like this in certain parts of Brooklyn where more and more people are sporting leggings and skirts above their knees. It’s a serious problem getting worse each day. Shaitels getting longer and dresses getting shorter.

  2. why do you show the extreme person who talks about the pritzus problem, yet NEVER discuss the extreme lack of tzniyus.
    are you the forward?

  3. this is what happens when people dont work
    just schnorr all day
    most normal people who have a schedule and a responsibility to family have no time for this nonsense
    their is more to family life than making babies

  4. Who cares?
    Why must Matzav show every video of every nutcase that’s out there? It’s bad enough what circulates on social media.

  5. Dear matzav, whether this person is correct or not, is it really necessary to advertise his actions?

    Right before Purim, where we are trying to come before Hashem and make many requests, while bringing out the chesed that is klal Yisroel’s speciality, is not the time to post things that fan the flames of hatred between us.

    May we all merit to the enormous brachah and success that Purim offers.

  6. As Rabbi Reisman once said in a shiur. [Paraphrase] Why are you looking at the length of the shaitel or the skirt. You should be looking and saying “look how hard that bas yisroel is trying to raise yiddishe children and how hard she is working to send the to yeshiva’s and bais yaakov’s. I have also heard the following regarding that our priorities are all V’nahafoch Hu. Instead of worring about your gashmius and yenem’s ruchnius we should all be worried about yenem’s gashmius (i.e. do they have enough for whatever THEY deem THEY need, not your assessment) and worry about YOUR OWN ruchnius.

  7. Actually he looks like he would make a great pirate, he has a little goatee already- all he needs is a parrot on his shoulder and one of those hoop earrings in the display case- and- Yaaaarrrrrr! ah freiliche purim mate-eeeees!!!

  8. If it wasn’t like tzadikim like this, meah shearim would look like Yaffo long ago. It is only through the selflessness and “extreme views” like theirs, that we can still point to meah shearim as a whole and appreciate how Jews once looked….unlike what we see everywhere else……

  9. Yes, short skirts and snoods/falls that start halfway down the head, presents a serious Halachic shaila. It clearly states in halacha that it’s erva. One can not make brachos/netilas yudayim or daven in the presence of such a woman. Besides the fact that it will attract the eyes of men other than her husband. This is a fact of life. This is how the yetzer hora works.
    Please don’t be an immature editor and censor my comment.

  10. Wake up you Long Island,flatbush crown heights and even boro park fancy materialistic ladies. The sheitels do get longer and the skirts shorter. Then you cry why we are in Golus.


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