Watch: Matt Gaetz Urges Trump To Pardon Himself And His Family

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  1. Laurence Tribe “ There are lots of reasons a self-pardon isn’t permitted by the Constitution, but a key question nobody seems to have asked is why pardoning someone in return for a bribe must be forbidden. It’s because the only legal pardon is one granted solely to benefit another, not yourself!”

    • Those who attack President Trump have no idea that their lives have been saved by him.

      Could you explain why you’d rather want a nefarious criminal who also committed heinous crimes against humanity as your president over an honest G-d fearing President Trump who’s responsible for the strongest US economy ever with the lowest unemployment, plus dozens of other huge achievements unlike any other President before him?

      Anyone against President Trump can only be for one of these reasons:
      a) because of his Draining of the Swamp;
      b) because he wants to bring law and order back to the US;
      c) because he wants to bring G-d back to the country.


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