Watch: Mattress Fun in Camp, Summer 2018

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  1. Just wondering if for most viewers these are perhaps the most decently dressed females they viewed on the internet today. Yet for some reason because they’re frum it has to be wrong to see.

    At the same time I wonder if these girls (or the camp) due to their modest upbringing would approve of the world viewing this.

  2. I think it’s clean fun. The girls look very nice and aidel. All are dressed tzniusdik. Why the negative comments?
    Which Camp is this?

  3. Anonymous I’m not sure what you watch but I try to keep to “clean sites”like matzav that’s why I feel it’s inappropriate to have such videos

  4. Like seriously how in the world do you haters/trolls think this is inappropriate!!?? Your frumkeit is disgusting. You are way worse then the OTD crowd. No different then the open orthodox as you make up your religion as you go. All of you need major help. All the Torah that you supposedly learnt has corrupted your minds.

    • Anon577 most people will agree that frum girls falling on mattresses is inappropriate.from your lack of sensitivity to this i think you are the one that finds “frumkiet disgusting”.as far as “making up my religion as we go” im pretty sure the past generations will agree with me and not with your open orthodox views

  5. does your torah not include the words of loi susuru
    does your shulchan uroch skip the the din of histaclis bnushim
    Just because alot of people do it does not mean it is allowed and it is stillpart of our holy religion


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