WATCH: MBD Walks Off Stage in Argentina After Attendee Refuses to Take Cigarette Outside

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A video has emerged of Mordechai Ben David walking off stage after an attendee at a concert refused to put out his cigarette.

The footage was sent to by a reader, who stated that this took place at an event in Argentina.

Mordechai Ben David was singing Ana Melech, which appeared on his Efshar Letakein album and was composed by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, when the incident occurred. The exchange was captured by a cell phone camera. R’ Mordechai asked the attendee to take his smoke outside, and when he refused to comply, R’ Mordechai promptly departed the stage.

R’ Mordechai had asked the crowd earlier to stop smoking.



  1. The whole thing is strange.
    No one else saw the guy smoking?
    Wasn’t there a producer who could have handled this? No staff? Why as the performer dealing with this?
    Very wierd. Sorry.

  2. A different website claims this incident happened in Israel. Did MBD come back on the stage again? Was there a backup singer?

  3. Kol hakavod! There must have been security for a Jewish event in Argentina, they should have taken care of this.

  4. look at the bechadrei charidim website for the full story…this was a private simcha event with a lot of people who don’t look up to Mbd as a high figure…

  5. What is the point of posting this national enquirer garbage? Is there even a single word of the story worth posting it on 17th of tammuz?

    • Why didn’t the non-smokers take this guy or his cigarette away?
      I had a heart attack even though I never smoked, but when l tell a smoker that, he/she usually complies with a polite request to stop.
      I still don’t understand why something that endangers the health of others (passive smoke) is allowed, while other disgusting private and personal acts done in public would result in immediate arrest.

  6. It’s to show how chutzpah of the new generation is totally out of control. The attitude of “I can do whatever I want” is the motto of this for. Unfortunately, we’ve learned from the goyim that we don’t need any derech eretz. Forget whether or not there was a sign, it’s common decency even in Israel or Argentina. It’s just another thing to mourn- ויתערבו בגוים וילמדו ממעשיהם.
    Try teaching your kids otherwise. Maybe you’ll be zocheh that they won’t become hooligans who make violent “bochrim protests” or vandalise property when they disagree with others. (eg. when their kumzitz is cancelled or cop pulls them over…) What chillul hashem!!

  7. I thought they only have 4 frum Yidden in Argentina? Where did all those white shirts suddenly appear from? This whole story is full of smoke.

  8. I don’t know if the singer was correct or no. Shiva Assar batamuz is spot on. Just a few days ago I pointed out to a person who parks his car in his driveway without moving it up (he has plenty of room to do so) and takes up the sidewalk where people need to walk. He gave me a whole lomdishe explanation why he is entitled to park in this inconsiderate manner. When I saw I was wasting my time and started to walk away, he accompanies me to continue his “shiur.”


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