Watch: McConnell Calls Out Pelosi For Being ‘Childish And Petty’


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reacts to Speaker Pelosi’s speech-ripping stunt during the State of the Union, Democrats’ impeachment pursuit.



  1. the greatness of this country is that its citizens elect the president and if the people dont like him, we havea chance to change things four years later. so, the country elected trump and one group didnt like it so they decided to ignore the fact that trump was elected by the people and they decided to ignore the wishes of the people. millions of dollars and many wasted hours were spent in certain contradiction to the way this country has always worked. they made a mockery out of our country and our traditions. who died and left pelosi and her squad king?

    • Until now, this is basically how it went (although the actual President was “installed” by the corrupt CIA and Deep State and not the winner, i.e. Bush, Obama, etc), which is what they were planning for Hillary but it didn’t work out as she only got 12% who voted for her and no easy feat to make her the winner. The rest of the numbers added for her were from duplicates, dead, rigged machines and other fraud.

      They don’t like President Trump and want to get rid of him by hook or by crook because he’s exposing all the crimes of the elite, the politicians, the Deep State and Cabal worldwide. You’d be surprised how many of them are in GITMO and how many were executed.

  2. For an individual as individual To have a conscience ,
    that a gentleman should be respected for his conscience,
    and should vote accordingly that is the Bedrock Foundation upon which the Republic is based
    I believe Romney felt also an added obligation to his father + the old Republican party that Romney remembered To vote the way he did

    Due to the dire need of hit hard back at the postmodern postliberal democrats
    we’re in Danger of giving up and abandoning the ends for the sake of the means And completely confusing it with the ends
    this is even for someone Like myself who is relieved by the general vote for acquittal
    That is the case even if an element Of political calculation for Romney May have been in the vague calculus
    it will be a tremendous risk for the primaries now that he alienated the base as he was well aware
    those who are attacking him are no different than the anti Republic woke or totalitarian Democrats


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