Watch: Meet the Chareidi Woman Who Changes Tires and Helps with Lockouts

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  1. Go home and meet the hero wife who changed dirty diapers and stayed up many nights to give comfort to a helpless crying child.
    Those are my heroes!!!

    Enough said!

  2. Horay finally a video that works with a filter!!! The problem is that we people who follow daas torah and have filters don’t want these videos rather we want the others….

    • Chassidic women as judges who follow the laws of Torah is fine but not if non-Jewish laws override Torah laws.

      It’s a matter of modesty. How can you can compare Chassidic women as judges (if they follow the laws of Torah) or as nurses or hatzalah volunteers over women laying under the car in public to fix it? Can’t you see the difference?

  3. The organization ידידים is mentioned, which helps people stuck on the road.

    הקב”ה ישלם שכרם

    Does it predate Chaveirim in the USA?

  4. The reality of a woman changing a tire on a public street, is inherently not tznius. With bending down and kneeling by the tire, to the sleeves going up, it creates many Halachic complications. How would this differ from (as the Gemorah states) watching women wash their laundry by the river?

  5. The comments here so remind me of a certain local shul where talking is rampart and no one protests. BUT, when children run and make noise in that same shul or the deaf-mute grunts loudly, a bunch of people make a ruckus protest. Most men are exposed to blatant tzniius compromises and same men blast a female road assistor.

    • the problem with your analogy is their is no onus for children to be in shul. if they have no chiyuv to be there and are making noise it’s a different situation!


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