Watch: “Mekablin Pnei Moshiach” Event in Kikar Rabin, Tel Aviv

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  1. Has this site become a messianic site???!!!!


    FYI, the late Lubavitcher Rebbe died twenty two years ago yesterday.

  2. Stop the nonsense,

    You don’t have to be a “Meshichist” to want Mashiach; you just have to be a Jew. Did you forget it is one of the 13 principles of our faith? Even if you don’t subscribe to the yehi nonsense ( and I don’t ) , it doesn’t take away the facts of the matter. And yes, the Rebbe passed away 22 years ago yesterday, and it was his Yahrzeit. You don’t believe in celebrating Tsaddikim’s Yahrzeit? What about the Rashbi on Lag Baomer? What about King David on Shavuot? So what’s wrong with celebrating the Yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe? Don’t close yourself off, don’t close off your Neshama, he was a great Rebbe, whether you like it or not, and he is the one who first mentioned that we have entered the times of Mashiach: give him the credit that is due him; now all the Gedolim say so; even Rav Kanievsky says so. You are going to go against that? YOU don’t want Mashiach? Are you part of the Erev Rav, then????

    • Focusing on moshiach is nothing but a way to take focus off of things that matter. Its like the don’t talk in shul campaign. Instead of fixing the moral core of the problems that are endemic in the jewish community people focus on one issue. And ignore the rest. One can want moshiach but this whole movement to force moshiach. Iz a bissul narishkeit!

  3. Chazal tell us (Shabbos 54b) that those who could be “mocheh” (lit.
    protest) against wrongdoers of their city/country are held accountable for
    their aveiros;…

    while it is one thing to become religious

    on a private,personal is often enough contain an element of escapism

    It’s a much more demanding and greater thing to operate on a Klal or global level

    Public chillul shabbos is more important than,say, your mussaf

    The oft stated claim first one needs to work on themselves is often out of context and a sort of cop out

    For the militantly secular,they are unconcerned about individuals becoming religious as long as they still in control behind the scenes

    It’s like in the game of Othello.they’ll let you can turn many to white ,but as long they get the last one black ( or vice versa) ,they’ll be able to flip them all back

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