Watch: Mir Yeshiva’s $180,000 Schnitzel Machine In Action



  1. When I grew up, many, many years ago a schnitzel was a beef patty (Like lehavdil the treif Wienerschnitzel). Today schnitzel is breaded chicken. I guess it made a difference where your family came from. We called stuffed cabbage Gefilte Krout. The Polish call it holipshkes. We eat a Slovakian dish called Holushkess which is made of potatoes and flour and is usually eaten with farmer cheese. It’s a Shavuos dish. Heimishe food is and was always the best.

  2. To: Anonymous at 10:17 have you ever cooked 1000 portions for two meals let alone 10000 portions every day two times a day? Many caterers don’t cook 10000 portions a month let alone 20000 a day. stop complaining about how they are cooking their food unless you can come up with a healthier way to cook so many meals that is cost and time effective. Instead of criticizing maybe cut the Mir a check so they can afford to feed all their Talmidim in their wonderful mosod. If you are really concerned about the health quality of the food then maybe cover the difference that the healthier food would cost or if you can’t afford to cover it alone then get together with some of your friends and raise money to cover a healthier food bill of the Mir. Keep in mind that if you only pay $2 per portion food for a year would cost more than $13000000.00.

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