Watch: MORDECHAI SHAPIRO – Hakol Mishamayim (Official Music Video)

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Hakol Mishamayim (Official Music Video)
Single by Mordechai Shapiro

Produced by
Mordechai Shapiro
& Shimmy Socol



Hakol mishamayim is a message for all of us to remember and internalize every moment of our lives. Although it may be hard to see or understand sometimes, we must not forget that Hashem loves us unconditionally, He runs the world, and He has our back always, no matter what…

Hakol Mishamayim
Produced by Yitzy Waldner
Composed By: Mordechai Shapiro
Hebrew Lyrics: Miriam Israeli
Concept & English Lyrics: Chayala Neuhaus
Musical Production: Daniel Kapler
Arrangement: Daniel Kapler, Ian Freitor
Mixed and mastered by: Daniel Kapler, Playmasters studio
Keyboards by: Daniel Kapler, Mordechai Shapiro
Programming by: Daniel Kapler
Backing Vocals: Mordechai Shapiro
Vocals recorded at: DEG Studios

Video by Shimmy Socol

Director of Choreography/Location: Zvika Bornstein
Choreographer: Vive Kham

Special thanks to
Yehuda Fein,
Danny Palgon,
My wife, Raquel Shapiro,
And to the entire AMS Family for letting us use their offices.

יודע מה אני רוצה היום אבל הכל משתנה פתאום
וזה בסדר, אני לא אשם כי זה רצון ה׳
אני הולך, לא רואה ת’הסוף מאמין שיהיה רק טוב
אני קטן כן אני קטן והתמונה גדולה
וכל מה שקורה זה סבבה
לא מפחד משום דבר כי אני בידיים של אבא שלי
הכול משמים עצום ת’העיניים

Sometimes his plan ain’t so easy to see
But I know that he’s taking care of me
So I do away with my vision for today
And I let things play out in a Godly way
My little human eyes just don’t get the picture here
but I got no reason to fear


  1. this is inappropriate for Yeshiva kids to see Lexus driving with sunglasses in a Jewish music video that is supposed to be inspiring. No one needs a Lexus to be happy. Not letting my kids watch this and stoop down to this madreiga.

  2. Yitzchok, you’re living in a dream. If nothing is wrong with frum children looking at people driving expensive lexuss in sunglasses as role models, do some learning to guide your way through the purpose of life.


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