WATCH: Motty Steinmetz’s Singing Brings Smile to Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s Face

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Last night, a sheva brachos was held in Bnei Brak for Shlomo Kanievsky, a son of Rav Yitzchok Shaul Kanievsky, and a grandson of Rav Chaim Kanievsky.  The sheva brachos was held at the home of Rabbi Yaakov Kanievsky.

The event was a thrilling one, with beautiful zemiros and divrei Torah. The highlight was the moving zemiros sung by Motty Steinmetz. When he sang the song Odeh, composed by the Imrei Chaim of Vizhnitz, Rav Chaim broke out in a wide smile, clearly enjoying the heartfelt neginah of the talented young singer.

Seated next to Rav Chaim was his brother-in-law, Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein. Others in attendance were Rav Leizer Kahaneman, MK Aryeh Deri, MK Moshe Gafni, Yaakov Asher, Yaakov Gutterman, Avraham Rubinstein, Menachem Shapira, Yisroel Kellerman, and noted badchan and jester Abba Turetzky.




  1. I find this headline disturbing. R’ Chaim is the Godol Hador who learns torah all day and night. I’m sure that he is always smiling. Why would you consider his smile to be a novelty!?

  2. yid yid yid!!!
    He is a gadol indeed!! But were not in a belief system of exaggerating and making our gedolim into god himself….. The general public haven’t seen him smile. They’re not in his house or around him and yes seeing him smile is a novelty…. Were an Am Emes and wont convince ourselves of things that we never saw….


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