Watch: MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt Says Trump’s Tone Is The Result Of Conservative Talk Radio “Cancer”

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STEVE SCHMIDT: A lot of commentators say — they scratch their chins — they say, my God, the tone of this election. Have they not listened to talk radio for five minutes in this country that reaches 50 million people a day for a moment in the last ten years? The tone is disgusting around our political discourse and Trump has been a reflection of that tone in this steel cage match Republican primary. You look at the intellectual collapse of the conservative movement, the fading of giants like William F. Buckley, the replacements of purveyors of blogs and polemics that — and it’s all collapsed.

CHRIS MATTHEWS (HOST): Who won when Trump won? Did Mark Levine win? Did Michael Savage? He’s still on the air. Who are these people?

SCHMIDT: Mark Levine is decrying this tonight. He’s series-A round investor in the demise of the conservative movement in the Republican Party. He, very famously, a woman calls up his show and has the gall to just disagree with Mark Levine, who calls himself the great one. Talk about narcissist, talk about self-aggrandizers. Mark Levine asked do you have a gun in the house, go find it and blow your brains out. This is the tone that has emanated from talk radio and this cancer has spread and that tone has infected the whole of the party. And so this moment that we’ve arrived at, where there’s been a serverability now between issues and conservatism, and the test of who is the conservative in the race is who has the loudest voice of opposition.



  1. Schmidt and his ultra liberal left wing ilk are really worried about the expansion of conservative talk radio replacing MSNBC (Misinformation Services of NBC) and other liberal news outlets.

    The truth prevails!

  2. I don’t have a balancing scale, nor do I know of every conservative and liberal radio host and columnist, but I can still say with confidence that uncivil discourse and outrageous false accusations, e.g. “Obama is an America-hating Moslem”, “Bush lied and is a war-criminal”, have been spouted by boors of all political persuasions.

  3. So according to this Leftist idiot it’s ok that the country is going down the drain and being overtaken by Leftist thugs and forcing toeiva on everyone and allowing men in women’s bathrooms. Let’s just calmly go quietly while the entire decent society is destroyed. /not!!

    The brisker rov said ven is tut vey shreit men.

  4. What a nerve! It is the socialist-fascist liberals who bully, shut up, personally attack instead of having a civilized intellectual argument. Trump scares them because he is not easily intimidated. Conservative talk radio scares them because it gives voice to the silent majority. Liberals can never make it in a political talk radio – it’s impossible to articulate something that has no intellectual basis; hence they try to appeal emotionally by sticking to empty slogans, manipulating news, and Hollywood.


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