Watch: Musician Isaac Bernath Films Vicious Anti Semitic Rant While Driving Upstate



  1. the biggest ‘punishment’ for the ranter is that his picture and words and behavior can be seen by everyone. i suppose he is proud of himself

  2. Mr. Bernath, please tell us that you didn’t do anything to cause this rant. Like you didn’t cut him off or anything like that. Please tell us that you were totally innocent and that this guy just rolled down his window and starting cursing you.

    • and if he did cut him off? does it justify the bigoted diatribe?
      if it was a 3 generation german american would he scream “go back to germany you weinerschnitzle?”
      or do jews get a special mention.

      the fact that the wife was backing up her husband shows that the wife and husband already agree with eachother. a normal wife would tell the husband to “calm down” and “you will regret what you are saying.”

    • Mr anonymous there is no difference. He is not cursing out Mr Bernath he is ranting about his race. That’s called racism. You should know better than that.

  3. i think the most offensive and insensitive thing he went through was having to sit at that interview
    or am i to be labeled a old fashioned prude

  4. Didn’t you learn פרקי אבות this summer? First Perek לעולם הוי דן את כל אדם לכף זכות. You are giving a raving anti semite benefit of the doubt over a fellow Yid???

    • Exactly.
      When there is an incident of blatant antisemitism why would someone’s first reaction be to wonder what the victim had done to provoke it?
      Thank you for your comment (which shouldn’t even have been needed).

    • This whole thing us way off topic. Ranting about race is never justifiable. Ever. Period. Now to you. You say theres no theres no doubt LOL!
      that’s exactly what the mishna means! Even when your personal bias tells you theres no doubt…still be Dan lekaf zchus. (Isnt everyone always certain their point of view is correct…).

  5. @ curious: jews get special mention because as a group they’re guilty of doing this. I can’t blame the guy who’s sick and tired of it (and so am I!)

    • Jews as a group are guilty of doing this. What is “this”? He gave a long rant. Are you referring to being non-tax paying scumbags? Or youre pieces of **** your whole **** religion? Or your a dirty nasty people? Or your inbred? Tell me which one are you sick and tired of? You sound quite racist to say Jews as a group when there may be a group of Jews. Get the difference?

  6. In the country you don’t have to do anything to warrant a diatribe like this. All you have to do is be near them. We offend them by existing. It is felt very clearly here

  7. Driving in a rude manner is a chillul Hashem. I think Bernath and all Jews need to think about and practice good driving manners. Derech Eretz kadma latora. This should encourage us to drive courteously and make a kiddush Hashem with our driving.
    Chatzkal, this is the definition of road rage: a motorist’s uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act.
    Makes me wonder what the “…other motorist’s act” was.

  8. Cutting me off doesn’t bother me. Who cares? But honking endlessly from behind, that makes my blood boil and I say a lot of nasty racist statements from my car based on the offender’s race or gender. Yes, I even say nasty things about one of unzera if they lean on their horn behind me. These lowlife thugs are always in a race to get to the next red light first. What idiots. What did they gain? One car length? I mean really. This is the City. There is traffic and there will always be traffic. The immaturity of some of these drivers is astounding.
    So as far as so-called anti semitism, drive like a mensch and nothing will happen to you. Don’t be an idiot and then blame other peoples reaction.

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