Watch: Nancy Pelosi Gets George Floyd’s Name Wrong, Calls Him “George Kirby

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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi gets George Floyd’s name wrong and calls him “George Kirby.”

Two days ago, Chuck Schumer was unable to say George Floyd’s name on the Senate floor.

“They’ve spent all week opposing police reform,” said one political observer. “They don’t care about George Floyd. For them it’s a political game.”



  1. yeah i agree the 78 year old who’s in terrible health and his brain doesn’t seem to work properly (and everyone’s convinced he wont last a full term) should apoint a veep who’s 80 and presumably has dementia

  2. Grandma was referring to John Kirby, Obama’s corrupt military spokesman puppet, who even John McCain called an idiot. Because Kirby hates Israel like poison, Ms. Plastic loves him. How this old windbag remains the darling of the DNC is beyond me.


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