WATCH: Nearly Missing Jewish Babies from Flatbush and Marine Park

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  1. Ppl think that most assimilation came from the Midwest and West Coast. I will be you more assimilation from NYC than anywhere else!!! Cheval. The largest frum community producers the most assimilation!!!!

  2. I am also from that neighborhood. Born in the 60’s. Will not divulge my full age. Same story. Attended Murrow. My friends all assimilated, tragically. The girls that assimilated have at least Jewish kids. The boys in my class-all their children today are goyim.

  3. Kudos to BJX for saving the Jewish people. Every Jew counts not just Mir, Chaim Berlin, Satmar or Skver. Just ask Hitler y”s. He didn’t discriminate! Why do we?

  4. My mother in law, Claire Braunstein was a Blatt from the lower East Side. I am wondering if you are related to us,
    The Braunstein family of Flatbush and now all over the US and Israel

  5. how many Jews are not religious who went to yeshiva? how many have no qualm about marrying goyim? why? keep filling up a bottomless cup!

  6. I also grew up right near Madison and went to Chaim Berlin. I had no idea that so many Jewish kids were in Madison. Where was Aish HaTorah, Peylim and Lev LAchim then? Why wasn’t JDL there saving these lives?


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