WATCH: Netanyahu Rails Against ‘Attempted Political Coup’ (Hebrew)


Flanked by ministers and lawmakers from his Likud party, Prime Minsiter Netanyahu delivered televised remarks before the start of his hearing at the Jerusalem District Court, declaring that all his right-wing supporters were on trial along with him.

“Elements in the police and State Attorney’s Office banded together with left-wing journalists… to fabricate baseless cases against me,” he charged. “The goal is to oust a strong right-wing prime minister and to banish the right-wing camp from leadership of the country for many years.”

“I’m not a poodle… and therefore they need to remove me by any means,” he said.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. On one hand I’ve heard that Case 4000 has some real evidence, but why in the world would he even attempt anything remotely risky? You and I might get away with it but not him, someone who’s been under the magnifying glass for years, wouldn’t take that chance.


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