Watch: Neturei Karta In Manchester Protest Israel, Call It The “Holocaust State”

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    • in england and australia this is the correct side . The wheel is on the right of the car and not leftFor us you are on the wrong side

  1. Is it possible they aren’t who they are dressed up to be?
    Today you cant be certain that you ” can judge book by its cover?”

  2. Rage possibilities. Hashem the King. Forever Israel the servant. Yireh.

    Naturei karta. Sworn against. Sworn.

    Answer? The view of miffed relatives.

    As bad as the liberal reform order. They understand the dream is danger yesterday dog and stone. Its not.

    Unlimited downcast words. Yes we await Moshiac. In the mean time, we better do his job. Daven and enjoy Israel.

    A ‘holocaust state’ is mental illness with gross wrong mend. There is none.

    Where is the darkness in the sand on the beach and the homes of jews? Naturei karta wrong.

    Yireh says we read in hard olam haba every evil. This is one.

    You get younger thinking this found golden land of milk and honey is just the dog tyey want to kick. Kick back.

  3. i know its hurts but these crazy guys r so right ZIONIST R EVIL u dont relize they hate u more then ur muslim neighbors for 1 reason bec u follow the torah if hertzel if the founders would of ever known that ey will ever become such a makom torah they would of never started there state !!!!!!

  4. They should learn Chumash, especially the first Rashi. The holocaust was against the existence of Jews, much like the Arab world, who opposed the state of Israel because of their hatred of Jews and Judaism.

  5. Its a duti of every jew who belive in god & thora from siani to do this actions generally no need to be a tzadik for that as the same no need to a tzadik to keep the shabat or were a tefilin by the way some of tham were Threatened by the pepoel from bnay akiva & thire colleges
    during the protest some weman from bnay akiva behave very brutal They tore up signs and cursed with profanity And one girl of about fourteen years old said to one of the demonstrators that she would want to vomit on him and then to stub him. Another person admitted that if there were no cameras he would beat the demonstrators to death & all this because they publicly expressed their opinion
    whether we live in Britain or perhaps in a dark place from 80 years ago ……
    and you have to know that this is always their reaction physical and verbal violence. its been reported to the police but as always thay do nothing only if something extrem happen has ve shalom the zaionest state will disapear like smoke as we pray every year in rosh ha shana & 3 times a day la minim ve la malshinim the real sad thing is to see Jews who are misled by secular and religious lie leaders sacrifice their lives for lies and vain and empty (meaning Bnei Akiva and their like)may HaShem will return in Tashva All his people Israel

  6. R. Ya’akov Kamenetsky writes in his Emes Le-Ya’akov Al Ha-Torah (Exodus 12:2 n. 17):
    “It is incumbent on us to understand that the establishment of the state of Israel in our day, after the the great destruction and despair that overtook the remnant, and given the desperate and destroyed status of Russian Jewry, God caused the establishment of the state of Israel in order to strengthen the connection to Judaism and to sustain the link between the Jews in exile and the Jewish nation.”

  7. The Silver Era
    “Another time [R. Eliezer] Silver was in a quandary within himself and with his associates [was] regarding a Bonds for Israel dinner in his city. Every year Silver publicly supported this event and attended the dinner. In 1964 the guest of honor was to be Nelson Glueck, the president of the Hebrew Union College. Many Orthodox Jews felt that Silver should not be present at an affair honoring such a prominent Reform Jewish personality. Nevertheless, Silver did attend, since his concern for the cause and feeling of communal responsibilities won out. At the affair, when questioned about his presence, Silver declared, “How could I stay away from a dinner aiding the State of Israel?…”

    Silver also exerted his influence in the determination of Agudat Israel and Agudat Harabanim policy towards the formation of the Jewish State. Silver himself had always been in favor of such a state, despite his Agudat Israel ties. Following the Balfour Declaration in 1917, Silver marched in a New York Zionist parade in its support. When Chief Rabbi Abraham Kook visited the United States in 1924, the Agudat Harabanim invited him to adress its convention…

    Silver’s letter [in opposition to Satmar anti-Zionist activities] did not abate the course of action of the Satmar element. It did, however, strengthen the more moderate forces in American Orthodoxy. His viewpoint was widely cited in Mizrachi circles. Silver later participated in a Mizrachi conference. Afterwards, at an Agudah conclave, there were those who desired to disbar Silver. It was reported that Rabbi Kotler opposed this request…”


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