WATCH: New Ad: “Nose”

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  1. Dear Matzav,

    I’m happy that you changed your slogan from “the voice of Torah” (or something like that) to “the Jewish world at your fingertips” Your love of politics, and especially, Dumb-old Grump, shows your lack of being a voice of Torah.


  2. I would not, could not vote for Trump
    I’d sooner vote for Forrest Gump
    He may not be the sharpest knife
    But he won’t mock Ted Cruz’s wife

    This latest ad, which shows Ted’s nose
    Morphing to a garden hose
    Illustrates that in Trump’s view
    It’s oh-so clever (is he two?)

    What is his platform? Who can tell?
    The only thing he does is yell
    Every day, he spews his swill
    He’s nuttier than Kim Jong Il

    This nut is singlehandedly
    Bringing down the G.O.P.
    He’s Ronald Reagan in reverse
    Clinton’s dream and our curse

    Why, oh why do some adore
    This tantrum-throwing foul-mouthed boor?
    For the U.S.A. and, for goodness’ sake
    Please don’t make this huge mistake

  3. Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky זכר צדיק לברכה
    said that ” the Jewish people are guests in U.S.A “. I do not think that it is a wise idea for a Jewish website to publish this specific article.


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