Watch: New Cure For Covid-19 Gaining Traction

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  1. All this is nice and wonderful but it all depends how much Dr Fauxchi stands to make on this. There’s absolutely positively no reason why up until now they couldn’t use the hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Z-Pak treatment, as a treatment. Yet, they expect everyone to jump in line for the vaccine which even our genius doctor has said has a 50% chance of success.

    There are two things that need to be thought of, and thought of honestly. Number one, there are far too many people involved who would rather see dead people than to see the president win reelection – read that as Democrats and anti trumpers. Number two, there are far too many people who feel that they need to make a profit off of a new medicine, rather than save lives and use something that we have already.

    In both cases, those people can go straight to gehenim.

  2. If this really works well, the FDA will come out against it and ban it for the US. They cannot afford to have an easy and cheap cure up-end their goal of mandating the Covid vaccine for all school children, and certain populations like health care workers. There is too much at $take.

  3. Please , don’t let Trump recommend this or the liberal media will kill more people by repeating what they did with the Zelenko method.


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