Watch: New Migrant Caravan Forms As Biden Plans To Reverse Trump Policies

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  1. Burisma Joe is a fraud. It was during his tenure as VP that his boss Obama was stuffing Hispanic children into little dog cages. Joe is an old time racist who has a history of hating people of color.

  2. None of the things Biden proposes in the intro affect these “caravan” people. Most of them are not eligible for permanent residence in the US. The problem is that Trump broke US and international law by summarily denying ALL of them admission. But Trump doesn’t care about law, as we see by his recent actions.

  3. Which one is a bigger hoax: Biden winning the election or Coronavirus / Covid? Both will be gone after President Trump’s Jan 20th inauguration (unless they’re not done with the arrests).

  4. Aren’t the Democrats afraid that Biden the senile nutcase would push the nuclear button? He’s almost as dangerous as the evil Hillary whose plans were to destroy 90% of the world had she stepped foot in the office.


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