Watch: New York City Doctor: ‘The Things That I See In The ER Are Scary’


Matthew Bai, a physician at Mt. Sinai Queens Hospital, shows what it’s like inside an emergency room overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. In a video diary filmed on March 30, he describes the pressure he and his colleagues are working under, and what keeps them going.




  1. There are many, many hospitals even in NY that are empty and nurses are even sent away.

    Robert Barnes: From a DM: “I am a nurse in a hospital, and I am FURIOUS at what is happening in our country. What is being reported is NOT what’s happening. Our large hospital is so underwhelmed with patients, we are being put on call instead of working our scheduled shifts.

    Another person added: As a Chicago nurse, I can vouch for this.
    Nurses are being sent home due to low pt census.

    Gregg A. Smith: I talk to my father’s nurse several times a week, before she leaves his house to work nights at a major DFW trauma center. She is getting hours cut and working on empty floors.

    Shane: Here in Ireland hospitals have never been as empty as they are now

  2. I didn’t see an overwhelming amount of patients in the ER. One of the beds in the hallway was even empty. Also it appeared calm not chaotic like the MSM makes it out be. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was staged by the Washington Post.

  3. Something is just not making sense here. The video above does not show an overwhelmed ER. It shows what the ER there looks like just about every day of the year. Yes people are sick and people are passing away but this media hysteria of crazy overwhelmed ER’s, setting up satellite sites etc just doesn’t seem to be the real reality. Seems more like what the media wants us to believe. Cuomo is asking for 40K vents and is NY even using 5k vents yet? I am not belittling anything here. Just saying that something is not adding up

    The only definite reality is people are losing a ton of money and the stress it is causing and will continue to cause is a major major issue in it of itself


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