Watch: Newsweek Reporter: Hannity and Giuliani Are ‘Amoral Sociopaths’ For Pushing Clinton ‘Illness’ Story

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  1. The Trump campaign is trying to posthumously prove Goebbels right. And it starts at the top, not with the surrogates. There has probably been no more despicable political attack in generations than Trump’s claim that Ted Cruz’ father was involved with the Kennedy assassination.

    Yet many frum Jews continue to support this chilul HaShem of a candidate who represents everything religious Jews are supposed to oppose.

  2. I don’t know if the story true but what I find interesting is that only you think you have a right to do whatever you want to make sure that your Rrotten candidate Is elected whileeverybody else have to play with theirhands tied by the back if you people were a drop honest you withstand a chance

  3. # 1 Can you trust Liary Clinton for anything? True – campaigns are some time dirty but all in all Trump has a lot more to offer while she has absolutely nothing to offer expert continuing Barak Hussain’s agenda to sink America dip dip down

  4. To number 1 is chilul hashem really your concern then amazing u have no problem supporting someone who actively promotes toeiva I guess that chillul hashem isn’t as bad hey could I borrow your scale so I can also measure which ones matter and which ones dont

  5. a poll taken on a jewish website recently showed that boruch Hashem %84 of jews are not stupid & will be voting for trump & only %16 will be voting for corrupt lying hillary.

    jokes aside, hes crazy too as a businessman but he’s better then hillary by alot

  6. To Charlie,
    So we should support dishonest, pro-Arab, anti-Israel Hillary? You probably would tell us that none of that is true, but you have to get out of your intellectual bubble. The fact is she wants more of her previous boss’ policies, a boss all frum Jews would love to put behind them. I’m not saying DT is the answer but don’t tell us Hillary is the “Jewish” candidate.

  7. Matzav – it’s pretty amazing though how quickly you’re posting an anti trump comment and how long you’re ignoring or withholding a pro trump comment. Makes me wonder: do you have an agenda?

  8. There has probably been no more despicable political attack in generations than Trump’s claim that Ted Cruz’ father was involved with the Kennedy assassination.

    Oh really?

    1964 – “Crazy Goldwater will start a nuclear war with the USSR”.
    1968 – “Nixon conspired with North Vietnam not to make peace”.
    1980 – “Senile warmongering Reagan will start a nuclear war with the USSR”.
    1981 – “Reagan conspired with Iran to imprison the hostages until inauguration day”.
    2003 – “Bush lied, millions died”. “Bush and Cheney are war criminals who started a war to boost Halliburton stock”.
    2016 – “Crazy Trump will start a nuclear war with Russia. He’s also in Putin’s back pocket.”

    A stopped clock is right twice a day. While the first poster is quite knowledgeable and will make valid pro-Clinton and anti-Trump points on occasion, his stopped clock’s hands are always pointed in the direction of Hillary HaTzadaikes and Donald HaHitler.

  9. Let me guess this news reporter is simply reporting offering an unbiased opinion and if we were talking about tromp he would react the exact same way

  10. This is a cute post. Hannity is indeed Amoral and both are sociopaths.

    Charlie Hall above gets the best comment in of course. He is a professional.

    Notice the buggers who want to call him a chillul hashem. His comment his the bean counter of the enemy. The bugs come right out and go after Mr. Hall. Seriously, he is brave to use presumably his last name and first. If he is in his year, we can hope he will continue to write here on Matzav. I for one know that his comments are always followed by the anger of some mob that has no bearing on the humor of good feeling for human history.

    Is this Matzav really one jew against the rest? Clearly a mob of angry republican jews is no more than the bible thrown to the stix. The sadness is we can indeed be right in our politics but not wrong in our war. We must have rights and human voice. This is a good world to live and our faith must be with Torah.

    Thanks again for your vote and your confidence Charlie, you are not alone.



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