Watch: NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins on his Love for Torah and All Things Jewish

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In his inspiring address to NCSY’s Jewish Student Union graduates, the quarterback urges everyone to take the Torah seriously.



  1. Tremendous. We have a new daas torah. I wonder what he holds nogia davening with a minyan indoors. Do we have to placate the meshugoyim by wearing a mask or not? What’s his psak?

  2. A nice guy and a nice speech, but the reason why we are Bnei Torah is because of Maamad Har Sinai, not because of approval seeking.

      • 10:10pm, unfortunately there is a new disease in our community that makes the so-called “Kidush H” as the main objective of Yidishkeit, and they define “Kidush H” basically as goyishe approval. This is a mortally dangerous idea, that has to be fought at every opportunity. Perhaps this idea is not even so new, but has been around since at least19th century and provided the fertile ground for the poisonous plant of haskala to take root. Basically it’s another way of saying “shver tzu zein a yid”. This is a treason.
        Kidush H is increasing Kovod Shamaim, period, irrelevant of what goyim think.


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