VIDEO: Torah Vodaath Musmachim Share Divrei Zikaron V’hisorirus To Mark The First Yahrzeit of Horav Reuven Scheiner zt”l

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First Yahrzeit of our Beloved Rebbe

Horav Reuven Scheiner zt”l

R’ Reuven ben R’ Shmuel Yom Tov zt”l

This Shabbos – 19 Tammuz 

To mark the first Yahrzeit – three prominent Torah Vodaath musmachim share Divrei Zikaron V’hisorirus. 

Rav Scheiner came to Torah Vodaath as a talmid before his bar mitzvah and continued on through Mesivta, Beis Medrash, Beis Medrash Elyon, and Kollel. The Rosh Hayeshiva Horav Gedalya Schorr zt”l appointed Rav Scheiner to become a Maggid Shiur in Torah Voddath, a position that he held for close to 60 years. Thousands of talmidim heard his shiurim as Rav Scheiner connected them to the great Torah luminaries of yesteryear. Today these talmidim are Marbitzei Torah and lay leaders in communities around the world.


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