Watch: NY Lawmaker Calls On De Blasio To Quit His 2020 Campaign, Resign As Mayor


2020 Democrat and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spent less than one full workday of time at City Hall in the first month of his presidential bid, according to the New York Post. New York Republican Assemblyman Mike Lipetri says it’s time for de Blasio to resign.



  1. there s/b a LAW passed that if you’re in a PUBLIC office elected by citizens you can’t run for a different public office until your term is up.

    deBalahsio was missing in action from May, June, July, August in New York City

  2. Keep him out of the city, we are all better off. As the famous rabbi in fiddler on the roof says… “May G-d bless and keep him… far away from us!”

  3. The problem is, the next Mayor is probably going to be an extreme dangerous radical left wing maniac. DeBlasio barely eked out a victory over Bill Thompson in the Democrat primaries the first time around. The media threatened Thompson to withdraw even though he could of easily beaten DeBlasio. When he stole the election, he didn’t do it as a radical. At least DeBlasio (male) is married to a female. The next Mayor will most likely be a deviant pervert. The Republican party is dead in NY. The Rino’s will put up some guaranteed loser.

  4. I agree the City is better off without him. But he is collecting a hefty salary to be a no show.

    So let’s recall or fire him and let’s have someone who is actually interested in the welfare of the city complete his term.

    I am not sure who takes over in NYC if the mayor dies or is incapacitated.

  5. we are all better off with this corrupt, lazy, hypocrite who claims to care about the atheistic climate change who travels 40 miles each day just to lift a few weights and take a shower.


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