Watch: NYC Inspectors Caught On Video Writing Summons For A Closed Yeshiva

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  1. Some enterprising lawyer should accumulate all the summonses issued in the past 2 weeks, and file a class action lawsuit against DiBlasio, Cuomo , (both personally), NY and NYC and the Dept of Buildings. Ask for dismissal of all charges and seek compensatory damages in the millions for harassment, libelous charges against the Orthodox Jews, and discriminatory practices. Plus triple damages for racketeering and hate crimes.

  2. You can hear in her voice she wasnt comfortable about the whole situation. I honestly felt really bad for her. She knew what she was doing was unjust and seemed to have been forced into it. The question is why. What does the govt have on her or someone in her or her family to blackmail her to do this! Am I the only one that thinks this way???

  3. The school should not have closed in the first place. Once they complied, the gov’t took control. Big mistake!!!!

    In order to fight this travesty of justice, the schools must reopen now!! Jews must stop being afraid of Cuomo and deBlasio. Only fear And trust in HaShem.

    • Do you also come up with such type of far fetched defenses when frum people are being accused of wrong doing or is this tendency of yours limited to when they are clearly being persecuted?

  4. Why is there no oversight over these ticket givers? There are oversight committee’s for everything in government. Why are these low wage ignorant minorities able to wreck havoc without impunity?


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