Watch: NYPD Cop in Flatbush Endangering Residents

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As reported yesterday on, there is an NYPD officer who is endangering pedestrians at the corner of Avenue L and Coney Island Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The officer has been parking his patrol car on the sidewalk and, when he pulls out to pull a motorist over, he almost runs over pedestrians.

Residents are up in arms.

“This has to stop immediately before someone gets killed,” a resident of the area told

In the following video, a local resident tries to discuss the matter with the officer in question.


Residents have been encouraged to call Councilman David Greenfield’s office at 718-853-2704 or email p[email protected]



  1. Give me a break- from the video it’s clear that there’s plenty of room for pedestrians to walk behind the car and still stay on the sidewalk and even enough room to still push a stroller down the ramp in front of the police car. And I’m sure that if the police officer needed to pull out in order to pull someone over he wouldn’t blindly barrel into the street without looking to see if a pedestrian was coming or was already in the way. People are looking to complain

  2. This video missed the crooked cop’s face and failed to show the full extent of the danger created by this cop’s disregard for the law. Take a better video, without even conversing with the cop, but clearly identifying the cop, and demonstrating the danger created. File an official complaint with Internal Affairs, get a complaint number, keep on calling every few days to track the complaint investigation. If enough people file separate Internal Affairs complaints about this one cop, this cop will be investigated into his heart attack.

  3. The cop sounds like a mentsch. He’s answering the questioner in a completely nonagressive and noconfrontational manner and even offering to move his car if the questioner wants. He patiently explains exactly why he’s parked where he is.
    Chaim Berlin is on that block. Let the guy do his job and keep the kids safe from speeding reckless drivers.

  4. If they are truly concerned about public safety, the police should park his car where everyone can see him. This way drivers won’t speed or commit other infractions. The fact that they hide their vehicles, it just shows that they WANT the drivers to break the law just so they can give them a ticket and collect their commission. They couldn’t care less about the public’s safety. These donut eaters should be put out of business.

  5. Once he gets oh the sidewalk there’s no danger to pedestrians, I’m sure when he gets on the sidewalk he’s not running anyone over.
    Gimme a break!!!

  6. i can “kinda” see from the picture how he can be endangering pedestrians but what was the purpose of filming the officer? And fumbling with the correct reply to..why r u filming me..
    just approach him and say i dont think this is safe and ppl have complained out of fear of being run over. And if u dont know basic english dont try to be an investigative journalist..cuz at the end the
    officer Justified his behavior


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