WATCH: NYPD In Williamsburg Shul Enforcing 10 Person Limit



  1. The [DS]/MSM event has now failed, more states, businesses are opening up, the cases are declining, deaths are declining, the experts were wrong. The people see the truth now, people are realizing that there is nothing to be afraid of, the see who is responsible, they see the tyrants/dictators. The [DS]/MSM are now pushing everything have to stop people from even thinking about HCQ. The people are ready to see who the corrupt are, who committed treason, it’s time.

    • The police are very nice about it.Its their job to enforce the law and the law at the moment in new york is that u can’t have more than 10 people.

      • You sound like one of those idiots, who after getting a $300 ticket and 6 points on your license for going 53 in 50mph speed zone, tells the officer, thank you. Have a nice day. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your concern and keeping us all safe.

  2. Learn your constitutional rights. Don’t cooperate with the little dictators. Stop voting democrat. Exercise the 2nd amendment.

  3. Governor Cuomo was a real jerk for coming out with this 10-person limit. It’s a bunch of garbage! You cannot tell me that two different indoor locations can have the same 10-person limit when they are of different sizes. This proves to the people that the governor and his handlers are full of themselves. All they want is power. If it was up to them they would keep their hands around your necks for the next many many years, for as long as they can!

  4. In the video, the fat doughnut eaters are standing inside the shul. If the shul administration would have asked them to leave, the cops would be legally obligated to step off the property, unless they have a warrant. If the shul’s administration is stupid enough to allow the pigs remain on the property, then that’s the real problem. The cops are working for their employer – the mayor, and they are very far from being our friends. As the outside society becomes more and more militant atheist, and they will make laws and regulations to take away our 1st amendment rights, it will take lots of defiance and resistance to fight for our right to be left alone and to be shomrei Torah. Learn your constitutional rights, and don’t be a compliant moron. Tell the cops: if you have no warrant, get away from my property, I assert my 5th amendment constitutional right no to talk to you, send my regards to Mayor Wilhelm. Also, make sure to have video recordings of all interactions with cops, because they will lie and cheat.

  5. Are the police hinting that the Elite Corona Criminals are desperate to retaliate against Jews more than against any other groups?

  6. and people wonder why the state was hesitant to open up minyanim. because if you allow a little people end up doing more. that is way more than 10 people


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