Watch: Obama Rebuffs Trump On ‘Radical Islam’

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President Barack Obama says anti-Muslim rhetoric from presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is “not the America we want.”

But perhaps it is.




  1. Demanding that any politician must refer to the hate that is evolving from the Islamic world as radical Islam is a terrible hate of our Constitution. The enemy against our world will play every party against any conversation . This is a very negative sub valued trust that we are finding in any good faith. The negativity is not humane and our values must include voice and reason for human liberty.

    This is not an era of human discretion being more avidly sought by the values that are meant to keep our Constitution safe if we are demeaning each other politically for the sake of negligent mood in our country.

    Every indication of human discretion must be with a discrete voice that can discuss the hate that is emanating from the Middle East today. In my previous post I mentioned that we can discuss this and refer to it as radical hate Islam. I do not think this is suffice to improve every conversation. In all efforts we must try to keep America safe with all values of good constitutional freedom.

    Thus no one should be blaming any other political office for not accepting everyone’s considered term on what we are trying to discuss in America for the sake of better values.

    Our Constitution must be honored and we will continue to discuss freedom in America. God bless America.

  2. Obama will go down in history as the president that destroyed the United States of America. Don’t think that this legacy will upset him – he did it purposely.


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