Watch: Obama Takes Credit For Oil Production Boom

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Is the former president stating fact or rewriting history? Former Shell Oil Company President John Hofmeister responds.



  1. What a stinky liar Hussain Obum is, He did everything in his power to hold back oil production like cancelling the Keystone pipeline and other heavy regulation, Whenever I see his face or hear his voice I throw up.

    • Agree. I feel exactly the same about this double face dishonest traitor snake.
      The bad part is that he has many followers. It seems like we are in a
      deep cultural civil war between good and evil, patriots and enemies, honesty and dishonesty

  2. This arrogant man takes credit for the sun rising, in the morning, and for the change of seasons. If, however, the temperatures aren’t what the liberals would expect, then, he immediately blames the current administration, for contributing to the global warming.


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