Watch: Obama’s Speechwriters Laugh About The Lies They Wrote for Him

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Three of Obama’s speech writers recently appeared on the Charlie Rose show and actually laughed out loud when they talked about the lies they wrote for him.

On Monday’s edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show the host invited on former Obama speechwriters David Litt, Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett to wax fondly about Obama’s “great” communication skills when it came to delivering both serious speeches and funny lines.

When Lovett, now a writer in Hollywood, told Rose he was most proud of the “serious speeches” on the economy and health care, Favreau jokingly jabbed that Lovett was responsible for the now infamous lie about keeping your health insurance plan. Rose and the entire panel cracked up at the line.

CHARLIE ROSE: My point is do you have equal impact on serious speeches? Because it’s about style, use of language, etcetera?

JON LOVETT, FORMER OBAMA SPEECH WRITER: I really like, I was very — the joke speeches is the most fun part of this. But the things I’m the most proud of were the most serious speeches, I think. Health care, economic speeches.

JON FAVREAU, FORMER OBAMA SPEECH WRITER: Lovett wrote the line about “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.

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  1. HA! Millions of people who paid for insurance that would cover them in case of an emergency – ha! Millions of people just getting by, saw their premiums triple. HA! Uninsured twenty somethings who don’t have the time or need to see a must pay for that convenience HA! 26 year old adult children living at home on their parents insurance, while services cut to seniors. HA!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with what they did since their motives were pure. They just wanted to give citizens the benefits that the Torah requires a government provide.


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