Watch: Ocasio-Cortez Compares The Impact Of Climate Change To 9/11

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AOC faces major backlash after making comments comparing 9/11 to the impact of climate change.



  1. There should be a mandatory in test to run for office kind of line drug testing so that we don’t have brain dead representatives

  2. Fake narrative. She’s not facing any “backlash” from anybody, other than the 3 bozos in the clip you’ve shown. AOC is now the mainstream Democrat policy, the policy of Bob Casey and Kamala Harris.

  3. Thank you President Trump for arresting the evil guys behind geoengineering and bringing the weather back to normal worldwide.

  4. The point to be made is the very same people that lied and/or believed in the phoney Russian collusion are the very same people who claim that global warming is a scientific fact. Both hoaxes perpetrated by the same power hungry Democrats.

  5. The kid is plotzing for attention, without which she’d die. You love to do chessed, so you keep on supplying her with her ATT oxygen. Otherwise, I can’t understand why you give her rantings any space…

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