Watch: One Liner | Simcha Leiner on The Crockpot Show | Ep. 04


All new episode of The Crockpot Show on with special guest Simcha Leiner. Things will get tense, only slightly awkward, and kishke will definitely be eaten. In a world of breaking news, we’re taking a deeper dive into the lives and appetites of our guests. Simcha may try to live to his name, but let’s see how he fares in the face of our very own P. Lurkowitz and his sidekick Isaac Bernath.


  1. Sefira is a time for mourning in introspection not a time for light headedness and leitzanus. Why show this during sefirah?

  2. This show represents the worst of the frum world
    (Yes, to all those who will rush to point out that this is for the sake of humor and satire -I GET IT. I actually find this kind of humor funny. I even admit to laughing at some of the jokes! But just because something has no pritzus or nivul peh, it doesn’t make it kosher. And this is not kosher. It is bad enough that these elements of “shtultz” and “hock” exist in the yeshivishe world, much to the dismay of every true oveid Hashem, but there is no reason to put that on display here.It encourages bochurim and children to make mock people, to make leitzanus of important things, and to embarass people in public

  3. I still don’t get the “humor” in this show. I think it’s really weird and I don’t know how it can help Meal Mart to sell products


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