WATCH: Oorah Releases FIVEISH AND FRIENDS As Winter Storm Juno Keeps Schools Closed


fiveishWith Winter Storm Juno keeping thousands of children home from school today, Oorah is releasing the full Fiveish and Friends: It’s Not That Easy Being Fiveish, available online for the first time ever. After a morning out romping in the snow, there’s no better way for kids to warm up and relax than with hot cocoa and Fiveish.

Faced with a devastating diagnosis of “dermalosis psycholosis greenosis,” Fiveish learns to be proud of his special qualities, teaching children in his inimitable, lovable way to appreciate the ways Hashem made them unique. Watch the full video of Fiveish and Friends: It’s Not That Easy Being Fiveish.

And for more Fiveish fun, children can call in to the Fiveish Hotline, 732-FIVEISH, updated daily throughout the week to help parents faced with entertaining their children for snow-days on end.

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