WATCH: O’Reilly: “Bernie Is The Most ‘Radical’ & ‘Disassociated’ Politician In My Lifetime”


Bill O’Reilly last night really tore into Bernie Sanders‘ idealism and how he’s more “radical” than any other politician he’s ever seen, MEDIAITE reports.

While he did credit Sanders for being honest about his beliefs, O’Reilly said, “In my lifetime, I have never seen a political candidate in his station as radical and as dissociated with reality as Bernie Sanders.”

He said that other more radical candidates like George McGovern, Barry Goldwater, and Ross Perot don’t even come close to Sanders, “who lives in a world of his own.”

O’Reilly even derisively referred to Sanders supporters as teenagers, and said, “when I use the word ‘teenagers,’ it’s a mental state, not an age state.”




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