Watch: Orthodox Jews Kicked Off Flight For An 18-Month Old Not Wearing A Mask

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  1. 1) In the top video above, after 4:20, a Hasidic woman says the following “the little kids wanted to eat, and they took off their masks for a few minutes”.

    2) The young couple from the back were going off the plane, when other Hasidim told them not to go off, not to comply. That led to further escalation. Some people, who do not understand Yiddish, may not have caught that. To understand fully what was being said, must know Yiddish.

    3) When you are on a plane, the flight crew is in charge. You are not in Willy anymore.

    • 2) And in the same breath she says that they already started yelling at them about masks before the kids took the masks off to eat.

      Perhaps that was the excuse the flight attendants used in the end to actually kick them off.

      I flew MIA-EWR twice with Frontier in the past month, I felt singled out due to my head covering, and couldn’t take my kids along fearing they’ll find an excuse to kick me off.

    • In response to #3, but we are still in America and although it’s golus, America never used to be a hefker velt of woke liberals doing whatever they please with the scraps of power they were given. Flight attendant is a glorified waitress

      • “Flight attendant is a glorified waitress”

        What type of statement is this? Have some respect for someone else, please.

        What does Ben Zoma say in Pirkei Avos? איזהו מכובד? המכבד את הבריות.

  2. Eric Holder is smiling now. His genius plan of instituting Divide and Conquer policy is working perfectly. Pit one citizen against another. Keep the peasants fighting with each other over stupidity while the wealthy government elitists strip you of all your freedoms! Just follow your beloved government that cares so much about you. Walk in lockstep like blind sheep going to slaughter. Become an ambassador to rat on your neighbor. Concern concern concern. Bleeding heart sanctimony. So sad how America went from being the land of the brave, to completely dumbing down to the intelligence level of a mosquito. To allow some lowlife transgender high school dropout pervert, airline employees to dictate and command the worthless sheeple what they must do and not do, has the world laughing at us. America was great while it lasted. Good bye.

  3. To The rest of the story
    Based what I saw on the video they were sticking up for their rights and they were right in this case. Obviously a single person couldn’t or shouldn’t try to assert himself when he’s outnumbered, but in this case there were enough people with them that they were able to get their valid point across that the airline was wrong.

  4. Perhaps there was discrimination to begin with (although unlikely) however, when people start bringing in Nazi Germany to every problem, I’m out.

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  6. “Flight attendant is a glorified waitress”

    Such a statement is out of line.

    שמעון בן עזאי אמר אל תהי בז לכל אדם…. שאין לך אדם שאין לו שעה – פרקי אבות


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