Watch: Outrage as NYPD’s 79th Pct. Tickets Hatzolah Emergency Vehicle While On Emergency Call

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  1. Probably because the ambulance was triple-parked, which is itself a serious safety problem. Had there been another emergency, no emergency vehicles would have been able to get through. The real blame goes to the many double parked automobiles there.

    • Had there been another emergency, no emergency vehicles would have been able to get through.
      Should FDNY trucks fighting an active fire similarly be ticketed for blocking traffic? Please reconsider your statement.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me. It was Bl$$mberg who started the “cotcha” program. Get that ticket no matter what. It’s all about the revenue. They couldn’t care less about safety. The donut eaters themselves park illegally, endangering others, just to quickly get that ticket before the owner gets back to his vehicle. This has NOTHING to do with safety. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and then a little more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  3. interesting, who really got the ticket… the car or the Ambulance.. the clip shuts off as the officer ripped out the ticket before seeing which vehicle he puts it on

    looks like propaganda to me

  4. This reminds me of the one sided biased videos that shows Palestinians being killed. We dont know the reason why he was being ticketed so dont side against the cop without seeing the full picture

  5. That ticket will almost certainly be dismissed.
    That cop’s actions are morally repugnant and in all likelihood driven by anti-Semitism.

  6. Go to Flatbush Ave area on a Sunday and you’ll see the streets lined with double parked cars because of Church services. There is not a cop to be found. I wonder why……….

  7. In regared to “Charlie Hall” if you were hurt (g-d forbid) you would want him to double or even tripel park ???!!

  8. Mythoughts,

    You are 100% correct. I see the same now every night by Ramadan services at the corner of McDonald and Cortelyou, not a cop to be seen. But just 1 block down at Tiferes Mordche the cop (rightly so) is issuing tickets by the minute.

    Ever see a cop allow double-parking for prayers at Shomer Shabbos. There definitely is a double standard!.

    Why do cops think that they can break the law. I once told it to a cop when he ticketed me for observing me putting on my seat belt while pulling out of a spot. I told him that he saw me put it on while I was pulling out but that I observed him driving against me without a seat belt. His response “we are above the law”. What a shame there were no dashcam’s around then.


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