WATCH: Palestinian-Loving Sanders: “Obama Likes Israel Too Much”

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In his latest anti-Israel remarks, Senator Sen. Bernie Sanders, speaking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, said that President Barack Obama has been too supportive of Israel and was not sufficiently supportive of the Palestinians.

The Palestinian-loving Sanders continued his assault on Israel by calling on the U.S. to take an “evenhanded” approach in dealing with the conflict, and said that even though Obama has fared better than his predecessors in his attitude towards the Palestinians, the U.S. still had “ways to go.”




  1. There is nothing more pathetic than a self-hating Jew that hates Eretz Yisroel and loves our enemies. I hope nobody votes for this rasha.

  2. Dear Bernie,

    I am a registered Democrat. I despise Hillary Clinton and was all set to give you my vote. Although I wasn’t quite sure that was the way to go, ABC (Anybody But Clinton) seemed to be a sensible rule.
    Having now voted, I’d like to thank you. You brought light to my darkness and clarity to my confusion. After your recent statements regarding Israel and its enemies, a clarion call came blasting through the fog and I have never in my life been surer of who to vote for.
    I voted for Hillary, of course.
    Go Bernie, go! Go back to Vermont. Go to J Street. Go to Ramallah and Gaza City. (I’d say go to where they actually care about Arab civilians, but that would be Israel and you’re not wanted there.) Wherever, just go.

    Bye Bye Bernie
    Go wag your finger elsewhere.


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