Watch: Pat Buchanan: The Future of the Republican Party Belongs to the Trump Supporters

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Pat Buchanan went on Hannity to discuss the state of the Republican primary race.

As of today, Buchanan explains, Donald Trump has the only path to win the nomination. Cruz and Kasich are just playing spoilers.

Buchanan says the future of the Republican Party belongs to the Trump supporters.


{ Newscenter}


  1. I’m not sure why we should care what disgusting, pathetic anti-semite Pat has to say. It’s interesting that Sean Hannity is pals with him – that says something about Sean.

  2. If Pat Buchanan likes Donald Trump, than as a Jew you gotta be crazy to vote for Donald Trump. Pat the old isolationist, anti-Semite tells a very great deal about who Trump really is and what he’ll do to the country (and Israel) if he’s elected.


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