Watch: Peres: “The Only Thing I Regret Is Not Dreaming Big Enough”

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During his lifelong service to Israel, Shimon Peres held every position of note in Israel’s government. Mr. Peres, accompanied by Mr. Yossi Vardi, shared his inspiring views with the TEDxWhiteCity audience.




  1. perhaps matzav & readers have cognitive/emotional dissonance regarding peres.
    i think you matzav should give – have given more attention to – for example – rav m. manis mandel zt”l

  2. Right speech of his lifetime. He never chose Torah. Thus he did not dream well at all.

    He was corrupt in his approach to living yireh. Not my hero.

  3. Matzav, have you lost your mind? There are Gedolei Yisroel and Tzadikim that barely get a mention on your site after they pass away and Peres gets multiple articles making him into some Tzadik? I know he was a Tinuk Shenishbu and he did not mean bad but seriously. please show respect to our true Tzadikim

  4. Peres was a real Machiavellian, sheigetz, commie, and judenrat. The only good thing he did was possibly getting the French to assist with Dimona reactor over fifty years ago. Peres was always an integral part of the erev rav coalition with the goals of destroying Torah and Am Yisroel. For example, he caused deaths of hundreds of Jews with his Oslo under the table deals. He was a real apparatchik whose only way to get into the Knesset was on the party list system, would be very unlikely to get elected in a direct democratic election. He might have done a few minor favors for Olam Hatorah while doing everything to fight the Torah – don’t be fooled by the Machiavellian tricks.


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