Watch: Police Storm Kloiz in Uman During Selichos

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  1. Those Russian / Ukrainian kozzaks don’t need an excuse to attack us. When will WE learn our lesson NO to GO to their country?

  2. Quite the misleading headline.

    The police did not storm the Shul.

    The police actually came in to protect some people and stop and all out riot and lynching from taking place.

    The person who was ushered to safety at the end of the video allegedly got the ball rolling in a well know case in Israel against a famous Breslover Mashpia, who subsequently fled and ran around the world for two years before being extradited back to Israel recently.

    This alleged informer was spotted in Shul in Uman and he is not very well liked by some Breslovers. So the police needed to be called in to protect hi.


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