WATCH: Ponovezh Yeshiva In Pre-War Lithuania

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  1. Is this legitimate? Can anyone identify any of the people in the video? Why was the shiur being given outside? Who is the person giving the shiur?

    • Yes, this is legitimate. At least one of the Bochurim in the film survived the Holocaust. He died in 1990.

      It isn’t clear the Shiur was being given outside but if it was it was probably because of how hot it was inside. The Bochurim are constantly wiping away sweat and Shmatsa Boyey Tzilusa…

      The Ponevitcher Rav is the person giving the shiur.

  2. Can anyone identify the bochurim? Did any of them survive the war? Amazing video. So many years ago yet
    so contemporary Thanks for sharing

  3. Even more amazing how they learned in suit jackets and ties and many of them in hats, when those items must’ve been quite expensive to acquire!

  4. Clearly a fake. They are all wearing current glasses styles. It was clearly filmed a couple weeks ago in BMG’s secret basement vault.

  5. The Ponevhizer Rav is saying the shiur, the other RM in the opening still photo is probably Rav Asher Kalman Baron.

  6. This is only part of a longer video. The original is just over 5min. You can watch it on youtube in the gedolim gallery channel. On the original there are other rabeim speaking as well. If anyone has any info on who the people are please post what you know.

  7. My grandfather a”h was a talmid in ponevez, but i don’t see him here – this js difficult to watch because of the sound missing… it’s like a tease – imagine hearing how bochurim would talk in learning in ponevez yeshiva!!! The ריתחא דאורייתא!!

    • do you really expect sound? your expectations are a little to high for this time period in europe. people were starving.

    • the first major movie picture with sound was in 1927. seeing as this is from 1931.(and it isnt a Hollywood production) what do you really expect?

  8. The video appears to be apiece of history. that survived.

    Remember that, Lithuania was the second country to become a Fascist Government.
    Italy was the first.
    Lithuania has a brutal and gruesome record of their atrocities against Jews in WWII….and still holds the same hatred as many other places still do.


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